MCC Brisbane is registered as an Incorporated Association as required by the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 Queensland.

MCC Brisbane is affiliated with the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches. Click here to go to the UFMCC website

Administrative leadership of MCC Brisbane is provided by a Board of Directors:

  • Moderator (Pastor)
  • Clerk  (Secretary)
  • Treasurer
  • Board Member(s)

These positions are filled by ballot of the general congregation each year.

The board has responsibility for all legal, physical and financial matters of the church. Day-to-day operations of church activities are overseen by the pastor with direction from the board.



MCC Brisbane Board of Directors

Pastor: David Coltheart       Adrian: Treasurer             Kevin: Secretary               Terry: Member


Lay Delegate



The Lay Delegate holds a special role within MCC Brisbane and acts as a steward to the congregation presenting their individual or collective concerns, issues and ideas to the Board of Directors and is the special representative of the congregation at General Conferences. Brett is the current Lay Delegate and is a member of the Board of Directors.



Church Bylaws

The MCC Brisbane Bylaws explain the arrangements for the governance of the church. They can be downloaded here.

MCC Brisbane Bylaws as at 29 July 2017

Reference is made to the Bylaws of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC). Click here to go to the UFMCC website.

Risk Management

Download a copy of the Risk Management Manual here: MCC Risk Management Manual

Page updated: 1 August 2017