What do you speak into your life?

1 Peter 2:5

‘You also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.’

Maya Angelou, a poet of the ages, said that words are things. They pass into and through, people, places and objects.

The words we speak into our lives, our faith, and into our hearts have the power to set us free or to put us and others in chains.

Our scripture passage today says that all of us are living stones in a spiritual house. I would venture to say that our words are like living stones and each one that passes from our mouths builds us a house. We decide in the words we speak both from our mouths and in our hearts what type of spiritual house we build with each living stone, each word that comes from our mouth.

So this week ask yourself this question…what house are you building with your words? Is it a spiritual house that is generous towards others? Is it a house whose doors are open wide and where love is shared.

Or are the words that come out of your mouth building you a house that resembles a prison. A prison that always assumes the worst of people and yourself.

The living stones that come out of our mouth all in some way build up or tear down the kingdom of God that is on earth.

I encourage you to reflect on how each word that comes out of your mouth can build a kingdom and a life that is defined by Gods goodness, generosity and love.

There are times for speaking truth to power and speaking truth in love, but always I encourage you to start with grace. Speak words and living stones that grounded in a foundation of grace to yourself and then grace to others.

A stone mason in medieval times would often spend his whole life building just a few stones and fashioning them into works of art. Little did he know he was building a cathedral that would be a house of prayer and worship, reflecting the majesty of God through the centuries. It’s the same with the living stones in our life that we can only look back and see with an eternal perspective.

What house are you building with your words?

Know that in Gods house there are many rooms and God is big enough to take whatever your house is and redeem into something of eternal value, beauty and hope. In other words value, beauty and hope are within you already and all God is asking is for those fingerprints of God to be used in your life to building an eternal spiritual house.